Hutchcroft House

Hutchcroft House is QCLA’s supported living home for women with special needs to have a safe haven even for those who may be vulnerable to an at-risk lifestyle and otherwise would have no alternative community supports.  It is a residence with very limited restrictions or expectations.  Residents are independent and can come and go without the need for staff assistance or permissions.  This is one of the first homes of its kind in the province under Community Living BC Association.

It is a residence that offers those women who have been accepted through Community Living, to rent their own room and have access to all it's amenities and supports.  For example, they all get shared access to living areas, kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, as well as health, safety and hygiene commodities.

It offers a twenty four hour staffing provision, even though this is contractually attached to the home and not the women that live there.  The strong team of female only staff administer the residence's prescribed medications, assist with providing healthy meals and life choices, as well as support with any outings and appointments that the ladies request assistance with, making or getting to. 

Hutchcroft House heedfully supplies information and easy access to resources and strives to make the women that live there feel welcomed and safe.  Its goal is to be non-intrusive.  It is a place to belong, with a feeling of well-being and home, and to know that they have a safe place to return to.